I & E services

I & E Services

ECCO Services, Inc. has gained customer respect and built relationships through years of successful service by meeting deadlines and finishing projects as required. Also by offering complete packages of expertly supervised skilled employees - all of which translates into an economical, highly qualified and motivated team that will insure successful completion of your project.

  • Platforms
  • Drilling
  • Maritime Vessels
  • Facilities
  • Production packages

Some of Our Services


  • Service Technicians - both electrical & instrumentation.
  • Drilling Industry
  • Oil & Gas Production Platforms - New construction, remedial, and maintenance.
  • Production Systems
  • Fire & Gas Systems - Installation, troubleshooting, and system calibration.
  • Gaitronics - Installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance.
  • Generator Control Panels - Troubleshooting.
  • SCR Installation
  • Commissioning Electrical & Pneumatic Systems.
  • Panel Fabrication - Electrical, pneumatics, PLC, F&G
  • Material Procurement
  • PLC Programming, system design, and testing.
  • Drafting - as built, AUTOCAD compatible.
  • Project Management, and technical support.


ECCO has excellent relationships with material vendors/manufacturers, and will provide prompt delivery and the lowest material pricing in the industry.

  • Material For Safety Systems
  • Production and Drilling Systems
  • Construction Projects