Mission Statement

To provide high quality service personnel and expert supervision, and to establish long-term and successful relationships with our customers through superior customer service

ECCO Services, Inc.

Located in Lafayette, LA

ECCO Services, Inc., was formed in May of 2002. ECCO has built a great reputation in a short period of time. We have been awarded and completed numerous projects overseas and offshore in the Gulf Coast Region. We intend to build our reputation with quality personnel and customer service throughout the world. We are currently working overseas, Gulf Coast region, and from Portland, Maine to Jacksonville, Florida. We continue to expand our customer base in the interest of providing outstanding personnel and service to the oil and gas industry, as well as the industrial sectors throughout the world.

ECCO has incorporated in Alaska. We are currently working in various sites around the USA as well. ECCO has also recently completed its first installation at a nuclear power plant. We are continuing to update our website to include all safety training for our employees in-house. We are aggressively developing a user-friendly data base for all employee safety needs. We will continue to develop our automation department to meet international needs. ECCO is currently negotiating a major contract in the Virgin Islands. We will continue to make ECCO a solid I & E company with support as needed. ECCO now offers automation and engineering support world-wide in addition to I & E services.

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